Seton Hill Child Services, Inc.  has one of the most talented and dedicated teams of early childhood professionals in Westmoreland County.  We strive to deliver quality care for the children and families we serve.  SHCS ensures that every staff member is fully qualified and participate in regular trainings. SHCS confirms all staff have sufficient knowledge, training, experience, and competencies to fulfil the roles and responsibilities of their positions to ensure the delivery of high quality, comprehensive services that follow all Head Start Program Performance Stardards. This is accomplished through background checks, the process for selecting staff, monitoring staff performance, and ongoing training and professional development.

Center Staff

Each of our 7 locations has a team of educators that provide support and care for the children and families they see each and every day. The Center Staff is comprised of:

  • Center Director or Teacher Director
  • Family Resource Specialist
  • Pre-K Counts Teacher & Teacher Assistant
  • Head Start Teacher & Teacher Assistants
  • Early Head Start Teachers
  • Float Teachers
  • Center Assistants
  • Food Services Workers
  • Maintenance
  • Substitutes

Family Resource Specialists

The Family Resource Specialist is responsible for processing applications, enrollment of children, and providing support to enrolled families.  They exist to better form relationship with families, to address family concerns, and to help families achieve goals in order to support their children.

Community Engagement Specialist

When schools, parents/guardians, families, and communities work together to support learning, children tend to succeed more often in a classroom.  The Community Engagement Specialist develops, plans, and implements meaningful activities to ensure effective and consistent participation of parents in every programs.  The Specialist also arranges partnerships with local community organizations to ensure Seton Hill Child Services, Inc. is able to collaborate in any way that will benefit our families.  These partnerships improve and offer new opportunities to improve our services for children and families.

Health Specialist

Children in optimal health are ready to learn and gain essential skills at an early age that will last a lifetime.  The Health Specialist oversees and addresses the health and wellness of enrolled children and families.  Hearing, vision and health screenings are implemented and overseen by the Specialist, along with any communication to medical providers. Individual health care plans are created for those children that have medical needs while in our care in our facilities.

Nutrition Specialist

Balanced and healthy meals and snacks are an essential key to the growth and development of children.  The Nutrition Specialist follows the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and USDA’s MyPlate guidelines. These programs focus on whole grains, fruits, vegetables and high quality proteins during each family style mealtime.  The Specialist communicates regularly with a Nutritionist (registered dietitian) for nutrition information for meals and snacks.  The Nutrition Specialist also oversees and addresses any food allergies and/or special meal accommodations for all enrolled families.

Inclusion Coordinators

All children grow differently developmentally, at SHCS we focus on all children to help them gain essential school readiness skills.  The Inclusion Specialist works with families and staff to provide quality care when behavior concerns arise.  The Specialist implements and oversees screenings on development, speech, and behavior for every program.  The screening results are used to help determine if a referral is needed for early intervention or if behavioral health consultation services are necessary. The Inclusion Specialist is there to help families throughout the whole process and provide support for classroom teachers.

Central Office

The Central Office staff is a talented team of individuals that maintain everyday operations, support center staff, and provide resources for our children and their families. The Central Office Staff is comprised is comprised of:

  • Executive Director
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Community Engagement Specialist
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Fiscal Assistant II
  • Fiscal Assistant III
  • Fiscal Assistant III
  • Director of Family Services
  • Family Center Support Specialist
  • Health Specialist
  • Nutrition Specialist
  • Director of Programs
  • Inclusion Coordinators
  • Education Coordinators
  • Training Coordinator
  • Program Support Specialist